Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mormons, Presidents and the Bilderberg Way

A Rebel News Round Up Podcast

Rebel News is off the air for a while, but new releases are here. Now available: Big Lies, my new E-book on "How Our Corporate Overlords, Politicians and Media Establishment Warp Reality and Undermine Democracy." Check on the free sample at Amazon, or buy it for download on Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or PC. Look for more details here.

Meanwhile, below in the podcast edition of Rebel News on The Howie Rose Show (WOMM-FM, 105.9), hosted by Phinneus Sonin, I tell a Mormon bedtime story -- Joseph Smith's tragic run for President -- plus the Vermont connection and the implications for today. Joined by FP Cassini, we also discuss the week's hot rumor -- the Bilderbergs want Rick Perry. It's all true, or almost. The segment originally aired on June 24, 2011. Just click and listen.

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