Monday, October 5, 2015

The Top Ten: Maverick Reader Favorites

Here are the most-read articles published on this site from 2008 to 2016, based on pageview statistics from Most of them were also published on other websites, including Global Research, TF, ZNet, Truthout, AlterNet, and Common Dreams. 

    The top two lead significantly, with staying power for several years. "Remembering MLK" is an unusual take on the Civil Rights leader's death and a woman from his "secret" life, while "Do Psychopaths..." is a wide-ranging "rant" originally developed for radio.
     Several posts on this site have focused on Bernie Sanders, but one on his relationship with Sandia Labs, a Lockheed Martin subsidiary, went viral last year. Also near the top is "Fear Factors," a chapter from a series on counter-terrorism and disinformation in the late 1970s, and "The Oil Spill," which speculates about the 2010 Gulf disaster.
      "Truth Decay" is a radio rant that was re-written and sparked debate on various websites. It's especially satisfying to see a key chapter from "Prisoners of the Real" on the list, along with its table of contents. Also popular are articles on Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane, one focusing on his first term as Burlington mayor, adapted from my book, The People's Republic: Vermont and the Sanders Revolution.   

Deconstructing Archetypes (from Prisoners of the Real)

Burlington Mayor James Burke’s allies considered him honest and fearless, driven by civic pride and a sense of duty. His political enemies questioned his motives and called him a demagogue. He sometimes called them “corporate interests” or “foreign capitalists.” This series of essays about the Queen City's early progressive era is excerpted from The Vermont Way, a multi-platform history of Vermont. 

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