Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time Out: Maverick Takes a Break

After more than two years and almost 300 articles, essays and videos posted to this site, the time has come for a break. This blog began with a look at the media and Pacifica Radio in particular, after my tenure as Executive Director. As time passed the focus broadened, incorporating articles about political and cultural events, as well as personal reminiscences. Last July I began publishing a study of leadership and society, Prisoners of the Real, which concluded in early June.

Some articles have been reposted on other sites. Others appear only here. However you came upon my writing or videos, thanks for taking the time to consider my research, thoughts and opinions.

Now I've begun a journey across the US. Perhaps I’ll post some notes or images from the road along the way. We’ll see. At this point I’m just hoping to enjoy the trip, reflect, and consider what comes next.

Until then, here is a visual essay. There are no words, just music and photos taken in some places I’ve visited over the years – Greek islands, Mexican ruins, and Arizona’s Arcosanti. Take a moment and enjoy the views. Peace.

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