Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ballad of Sheriff Joe

Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio does it "his way." Although he has many loyal supporters he is also accused of alleged racial profiling, runs large immigrant sweeps, and operates a huge "tent city" jail. His cops have pepper sprayed protestors, he openly defies the federal government, and, according to some, there's a pattern of retaliation against his critics. The FBI is investigating and a respected prosecutor says the sheriff should be put on trial.

A look at the showdown brewing in Maricopa County.

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1 comment:

Rebelheart said...

So pepper spraying is a crime against humanity now ? Immigration sweeps are a crime ? Racial profiling is like the racism charge, red herring . I am a non-white immigrant worker myself, so please stop bleeding your heart for this crap . He is doing his job, be glad.

He is performing his duty and the people giving that a racial,political or other such overtones seem to have an agenda.