Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Burlington and Bernie: Progressive Eclipse

Also appearing in 2VR: Green Mountain Noise

A serialized examination of Bernie Sanders
and Vermont's progressive movement  

In 1989 The People's Republic: Vermont and the Sanders Revolution described the rise of Vermont's progressive movement. But many things changed after Bernie Sanders moved onto the national stage, while new economic and political challenges created pitfalls. Putting Burlington's situation in a larger context, this sequel also explores the impacts of the Occupy movement, the struggle to overcome the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, and other challenges. But the main focus is Sanders' recent years and the hotly contested mayoral race in which developer Miro Weinberger beat Republican Kurt Wright and Independent Wanda Hines.

Progressive Eclipse takes a closer look at why progressives found themselves on the defensive despite a record of success. It also examines the decision by Sanders and Mayor Bob Kiss to invite military contractor Lockheed Martin to Vermont and other problems that emerged after Burlington launched a municipally-owned cable TV and fiber optic system. Revisiting several Progressive administrations, it chronicles the twists and turns that led to Sanders' presidential run and Weinberger's local victory. New material is released weekly. This week, Chapter Ten:

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