Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Burlington Beat: Equity, Race & the Schools

Racial disparities in Burlington schools turned out to be the main event at the first working session of the City Council since a new mayor took charge. 
     Students of color are now 27 percent of the student body in public schools. According to a Task Force report more Black students drop out of school. They're less likely to take SAT tests and more likely to be suspended. The report is supposed to set the stage for a strategic plan to address diversity, equity and inclusion.

     On April 16 School Superintendent Jeanne Collins joined Board Chair Keith Pillsbury and staff members to outline some of the efforts that led to the report and its recommendations. But not everyone is satisfied. Some teachers say they've been excluded, and several residents at the Council forum pointed to ongoing problems. Here's a video report. A closer look at the recommendations and strategy will follow soon.
     FURTHER READINGTask Force Report on the Recommended Strategy for Diversity,Equity and Inclusion for the Burlington School District
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