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Turning Point Times: A Maverick Scrapbook

October 2011

Stories, sounds, images and thoughts from a month of upheaval and realignment. From Toward Freedom, VTDigger, The Vermont Way, Soundcloud, and Maverick.


Toward Freedom - Oct 5, 2011 
     From New York City to San Francisco thousands of people were protesting the growing wealth disparity between large corporations and the super rich and almost everyone else. By the first days of the month, the movement had spread to hundreds of US cities and around the world. In Burlington too, people began to gather, to express their outrage about economic inequality and the excesses of banks and other economic interests.

VTDigger -Oct 6, 2011
     In the corridors of City Hall it was hard to ignore the rumblings of an imminent political change...

Housing Waterbury patients at Fletcher Allen is risky, trustees say
Oct 11, 2011
     At Fletcher Allen Medical Center, officials said that mentally ill patients from the Vermont State Hospital were putting the hospital and its staff at risk...
Oct 13, 2011
     The Occupy Wall Street movement gained momentum. Labor joined in and 99% forces prepared to bring their energy to communities across the country...

About 800 Vermonters “occupy” streets of Burlington and Montpelier  
Oct 16, 2011
     In Montpelier, protesters marched from City Hall to the Statehouse chanting "We are the 99%."

City Council wants PSB to drop Burlington Telecom build-out rule
‎Oct 18, 2011
    As the local election season began, Burlington came up with a possible solution to one of its BT financial problems -- don't build out to cover the whole city ...

From Left: Democratic candidates Ashe, Lorber, Kranichfeld and Weinberger
Oct 23, 2011
      At a Democratic debate just two days after publicly declaring his run for Burlington mayor, State Sen. Tim Ashe proposed an alliance with Progressives to defeat the Republican challenge...

Oct 25, 2011
     Another Democratic candidate, Miro Weinberger, countered: he was angry about how the City of Burlington has been managed -- and he's the leader to handle it...

Burlington may let Occupy Vermont protesters camp in city park
‎Oct 26, 2011
     Leaves fell as activists and Occupy supporters geared up the next stage – an ongoing encampment at City Hall Park. The Mayor signaled that he was prepared to go along ...
Out of this world: The Chittenden mysteries
Oct. 30, 2011
    At month's end, for Halloween, a Vermont tale from the vault -- a spooky search for the truth about ghosts, astral projection and the afterlife...


October 9

MAVERICK CHRONICLES, 10/7/2011: Memories of Mobilizations Past, Will Vermont Be Occupied? Burlington Politics: Is this the end of an Era? From the Vault – vintage audio with dialogue, stories and thoughts about progressive politics, Mormon ambitions, Obama’s election, Pacifica, and more. The Question: Could the Arab Spring become a counter-revolutionary fall?  

AUDIO: We Got Sold Out, street music from the People's Republic. Recorded 10/9, 2011 along Church St. in Burlington.

October 15

MAVERICK CHRONICLES, 10/14-15/2011: Tracking the Occupations: substance, style and  a victory in Liberty Park. THE VERMONT WAY: Class Struggle in the Company Towns. NEW MUSIC TRACK from Taco Land. The Plot Thickens: cooptation, surveillance and the movement.  PROJECT CENSORED: Manipulating Social Media. VTDIGGER: State Hospital closing is putting staff and patients at risk. 

October 15 Updates: Going Global (story on worldwide protests) and Vermont Occupy Rallies.

October 22

MAVERICK CHRONICLES, 10/22/2011: Journalists Targeted at Occupy Protests, Blood Lust - American Style, and Regime Change in Burlington. Plus, a song from the streets.

The Vermont Way

October 11

The Moran Station, seen from Lake Champlain.

October 26

     And so it goes. Keep in touch...Seriously....

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