Thursday, April 21, 2011

HAARPing on End Times

Some forecasters say that we’re already beyond the peak oil turning point. This week the average price of a gallon of gas was around $3.84. According to press reports, drivers in at least six states pay more than four dollars, that’s Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, and New York. Actually, you can add Vermont to the list. San Diegans are paying a whopping $5.05 per gallon and prices in California are likely to generally go over $5 in the near future.

Yet, when we think about End Times, it isn’t usually about a world without affordable gas but rather one based on much more extreme doomsday visions, many visualized in films. Usually such scenarios, especially those developed for television, show human beings somehow avoiding the worst and surviving. Not so, however, in the Planet of the Apes franchise and Dr. Strangelove. Both dared to actually contemplate the extinction of humanity. Both were also nuclear fantasies; Apes put the button in Charlton Heston’s dead hand while Strangelove said a machine will decide.

Here’s a theory just as terrible but more outside the box. For the moment let’s call it the rumor of the month: According to writer and radical theorist Richard K. Moore, a New World Order depopulation conspiracy is using covert technology developed by a defense program known as HAARP to cause earthquakes and tsunamis.

For those not fluent in acronyms or military speak, HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, an actual joint military program involved in highly classified experiments focusing on the ionosphere. The suspicion is that it has been involved for decades in developing various types of weather-based and environmental warfare capabilities. The military has its own name for this tactic – weather modification.

In a recent essay called “End Times” Richard Moore claims that a depopulation and genocide agenda “has recently moved up to a rather high gear. Formerly, the agenda was confined mainly to the third world, and primarily black Africa,” he writes, “running at about six million intentionally starved children per year, plus those killed by Western-armed civil wars and easily preventable diseases. And then it moved into the Muslim world, with depleted Uranium being the primary weapon of mass destruction.

“The current phase of the depopulation agenda, as it moves into the industrialized world, is so far based mainly on HAARP, and its ability to cause earthquakes and tsunamis,” Moore charges. “The most transparent example of HAARP was of course Haiti, where the US had a task force ready to invade before the earthquake even occurred….Before that we had the Indian Ocean tsunami, where populations were intentionally not warned about it, even though there was enough time to do so.

“Now, with Fukushima, we have a full-scale assault not only on Japan, but on the oceans and atmosphere of the whole globe. As was obvious from day one, the Fukushima disaster is at least ten times worse than Chernobyl.” Moore predicts that all of Japan may become uninhabitable. That sounds almost plausible.

The big danger, he claims, is all the deadly particles of Plutonium and such floating around in the stratosphere and oceans. If those micro-particles get into your system, you’re toast. But how have governments responded? By raising the official level of ‘safe radiation.’ What was dangerous yesterday becomes safe today.

“It won't stop with Fukushima,” Moore predicts. The established pattern, with disasters and invasions, is incremental escalation. In the US alone there are around 20 nuclear reactors with the same design as Fukushima, “waiting, like sitting ducks, for their own HAARP attacks. One never knows where they will strike next, or with what ferocity. But ever since 9/11, we have been warned that there are no limits to their audacity. And they have made it clear that an 80% reduction in world population is their goal.”

And who would do this? The world’s elite, say Moore and other Cassandras. Or possibly the reptilians, who have clearly been screwing with us for too long.

Having laid out the problem, however, Moore has decided to drop the subject. Too discouraging, he says. But with what he calls a major escalation in depopulation, he felt that a heads-up was at least in order. Moore’s bottom line: “The time has come to think about getting your affairs in order, and deciding where you want to be, and who you want to be with, in these end times.” So, consider yourself warned.


Saying No to Jasmine

Since the uprisings in the Middle East – often called the Jasmine revolution – China has banned the word Jasmine online. The Old Guard is apparently concerned about the power of the so-called Twitter effect? Their response: preemptive censorship. The country has at least 60 Internet regulations and 30,000 police monitoring blogs, sites and portals. Among the targets are any writing about police brutality, freedom of speech, the Taiwanese independence movement, and any attempt to use social networks to organize.

Note to Republicans: here’s something else to accuse Obama of wanting to do – and then do yourself if you get back into the White House.

Good Sense at the AZ Corral

It recently looked as if Arizona was set to become Birther Central, the first state to challenge the federal government on the qualifications to run for president. It’s been a year since the state adopted the notorious Papers Please law, which made Arizona a pariah and cost it considerable money. But last week Governor Jan Brewer, who signed the notorious immigration law, vetoed a bill that would have required candidates for president to prove their citizenship with a birth certificate or record of circumcision. Brewer’s move may be a sign that the Republican Party has finally begun to wise up to the danger of being seen as a home for fanatics and clowns.

Clown in Chief

Governor Brewer’s caution hasn’t stopped likely Republican voters from going mental for Donald Trump. The Donald, or Sideshow Don as the Daily News named him, has leapt to the front of the GOP field by seizing on the Birther issue. Trump says he’d be the best president ever, and Obama is the worst in history. Trump’s main qualification, he claims, is that he is such a great businessman, someone who could just look OPEC leaders and various dictators in the eye and make them behave through the force of his personality and "brainpower." He even considers his bankruptcies a big success. They worked to his advantage after all.

Initially Trump said he would reveal his wealth if he decides to run. But since then he’s back peddled, saying he’ll release his tax returns only when President Obama releases his long-form birth certificate. People in the know say his campaign will end around May 16, when NBC announces the continuation of Trump’s TV series -- Hasbeens and the Hair.

A People’s Budget

The Congressional Progressive Caucus – Vermont’s Peter Welch and Bernie Sanders are both members – has put together a People’s Budget that would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, cut military spending, and establish a more progressive tax on millionaires and billionaires. Of course, it has no chance of passing in the current political climate. But that doesn’t excuse the mainstream media from completely ignoring it. At least 70 House members support this sane, alternative budget, including Vermont’s lone congressman.

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