Monday, August 30, 2010

False Prophets of the Electronic Age

The Washington, DC rally promoted by Glenn Beck and Fox News on August 28, 2010 has been called a non-political event by Beck and others. But conservative politicians have also been quick to describe it as a reaction to the policies of the Obama administration, and rhetoric associated with it appealed to those who already think the US has somehow been hijacked by godless socialists. The result was a bizarre event that capitalized on the fact that it was held the same day, and in the same location, as Martin Luther King Jr’s historic “I have a dream” speech – and yet buttresses an agenda that flips King’s vision on its head.

We shouldn’t be surprised that opportunists like Beck and Sarah Palin – who has attracted a devoted following of anti-government Tea Party activists and nativist “Mama Grizzlies” with her fact-challenged approach to politics – have seized the chance to distort public debate and promote themselves as prophets. After all, they have a powerful television pulpit on the Fox News Channel, whose parent company recently exposed its political preference with a $1 million contribution to the Republican Party.

Christian right evangelists have been doing this for generations...

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