Saturday, November 1, 2008

Maverick Podcast: Desperate Tactics

Deconstructing politics with Greg Guma, FP Casini and Sunny Fortune. This edition: The Real Obama & the Brzezinski connection, campaign red-baiting, imperialism and hierarchies, inaugural music, the Weather Underground, and the Manchurian candidate. Plus, Underreported News: stealing sand, improvements in voting, the electoral map and popular power, Sarah Palin’s SNL appearance (music) – and prospects, the new McCarthyism. Greg’s Comment: Putting Socialism on the Table. Final thoughts: leadership styles and Vermont politics. Bill Maher excerpt: with Bernie Sanders, Martin Short, and Ben Affleck.

The Howie Rose Show airs live weekly on Friday morning at WOMM, and streams on The Radiator from Burlington, ground zero in the People’s Republic of Vermont. Click to hear this edition of Maverick News @ Noon, originally aired October 24, 2008, Noon – 1 p.m. Thanks to Big Heavy World.

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